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Against the Wind by Kat Martin

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After Andrew, her philandering and abusive husband, is murdered, Sarah Allen hopes to start anew by moving back to her small Wyoming hometown with her young daughter.  Without much money, she rents a cottage on a ranch that happens to be owned by Jackson Raines.  Back in high school, Jackson asked Sarah out but she laughed in his face, leaving him humiliated in front of all their classmates.  Needless to say, he is not too happy to learn that his housekeeper rented the cottage to Sarah without his knowing.

Jackson isn’t the same scrawny boy she remembered from high school and Sarah is more beautiful than he remembered.  Although he wants to be bitter for the way she treated him years ago, the passion he once felt for her rears its ugly head.  Sarah doesn’t want Jackson’s help, but she is in way over her head.  Someone who Andrew was blackmailing insists she knows the whereabouts of an important disk and threatens her life if she doesn’t deliver what he seeks, and soon.

Jackson can’t help but stepping in to protect Sarah and her daughter, but Sarah harbors a secret much deeper than the troubles from her failed marriage.  When a L.A. cop shows up in Wind Canyon questioning Sarah about Andrew’s murder, she might have to break Jackson’s heart once again to keep herself and her daughter safe.

Against the Wind is the first in the Raines of Wind Canyon series.  Martin doesn’t pull off the heart pounding suspense like a Karen Robards or a Linda Howard, but this series starter was a quick read with small doses of sexy that will please most readers.  The next book in the series, Against the Fire, focuses on Jackson’s younger brother, Gabriel.


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