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If Snow Hadn’t Fallen by SJ Bolton

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DC Lacey Flint has just come off a harrowing case (Now You See Me). On the way home from work, Lacey sees a fire down the street from her house in the park. She goes to investigate and discovers a person on fire and a group of people wearing masks surrounding the person. Lacey acts and tries to put out the fire but she is too late and the person dies.

Lacey wants to investigate. She is badly shaken by the experience and convinces her boss to look into it. All the evidence points to a hate crime, but Lacey is not convinced. She starts digging on her own and what she discovers is shocking.

I don’t want to write too much since it is only about 100 pages. If Snow Hadn’t Fallen is only available in e-book format. It was just what I needed before S.J. Bolton’s new book Lost is released in June.


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