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Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

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Whiskey Beach is the latest novel by Nora Roberts, and one of her romantic suspense novels.

Eli Landon was accused f murdering his estranged wife, and has spent the last year dealing with shock, guilt, grief, as well as the suspicion of almost everyone around him. He has lost his job, most of his friends, and his sense of place in the world. After his grandmother has a fall and ends up in the hospital and then in the care of relatives, Eli agrees to return to Bluff House, her home above Whiskey Beach, to take care of it.

In Whiskey Beach, Eli encounters Abra Walsh, the woman who cleans Bluff House for his grandmother, cooks, runs yoga classes, works at the local bar, is a masseuse, and basically a woman of all trades. Abra is strong, capable, a lover of life, and a survivor. Slowly, we learn her history, and realize why she has such a deep understanding of what Eli is going through.

As Eli begins to heal, and the relationship between Abra and Eli deepens, they are threatened by a break-in, the murder of a P.I. who was investigating Eli, and the discovery that someone has been breaking into Bluff House for a while and digging a huge trench in the basement. Once again, fingers point to Eli, but this time he fights backs and tries to prove both his innocence and find out the identity of his wife’s killer.

Whiskey Beach is a satisfying read, with interesting, strong characters. Once again, Roberts excels at creating a sense of place, and adding whimsical local color. While at times Abra seems a little too perfect, Eli’s slow journey back to peace and self is rewarding. Definitely an entertaining read.


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