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Sisters by Patricia MacDonald

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MacDonald’s latest, Sisters, was entertaining enough for its interesting and not terribly violent plot, but this isn’t one of her best. If you are a fan, you will want to read this one, but first time MacDonald readers should pick up Stolen in the Night or Cast Into Doubt, which really showcase her talents for suspense.

Losing both parents in an automobile accident, Alex Woods moves back home to her family’s Boston suburb to take care of the house.  Her parent’s attorney gives her a special message that was in his care in the event her mother died.  The letter reveals that Alex has a biological sister she never met because her mother was very young when she got pregnant and gave her up for adoption.

Through a private investigator, Alex locates her long lost sister Dory, who is in prison serving a sentence for murder.  Dory’s adoptive parents had a biological child shortly after her adoption. Lauren, who was working on a country music career, was murdered in their parent’s home. Dory was the one to find her sister dead after returning from walking the dogs.

While visiting Dory in prison, Alex learns that a law student from the injustice program is working to get the conviction reversed after learning that her public defender was disbarred.  Alex’s first encounter with Dory was tough, but she believes in her sister’s innocence and will do anything to help her get released.  That is, until Dory eventually comes in her care and her own life is put at risk.  Could her sister really be capable of murdering her own flesh and blood?

MacDonald keeps you guessing since there is always a cloud of suspicion over Dory, which keeps the book moving at a fast pace.  However, I was a bit disappointed in the end and felt that the mystery behind Dory’s father fell flat.


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