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How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

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Sparks’ first book in her Love at Stake series offers a silly and entertaining vampire romp that should appeal to readers of MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead series.

After Vampire coven master Roman Dragenesti loses his fang while testing out Romatech’s latest invention, he rushes to the first all night dentist he can find and meets the Shanna Whelan, a beautiful dentist who has a fear of blood. Unfortunately, about the time he arrives, the place is being gunned down by the Russian mafia.  Shanna is in the witness protect program and has a large bounty over her head that Russian coven master Ivan Petrovsky hopes to claim.

Roman knows getting mixed up with a mortal can only lead to trouble, but he vows to protect her from harm and takes her under his care in his NYC town home that is guarded by his loyal highlanders.  But Shanna isn’t Ivan’s only target.  He has loathed Roman for over 18 years, ever since he had invented the synthetic blood that stops vampires from preying on humans.  Ivan hopes to blow up his laboratory so that vampires will be forced to prey on humans again, restoring the world to its natural order where vampires are the supreme race.

Roman can’t believe he is falling hard for Shanna, and Shanna is not quite sure she can trust him yet, and she still doesn’t know that he is a vampire.  But there is something different about Shanna, the fact that she puts up a mental wall that prevents him from controlling her mind, that Roman finds all the more attractive.

This book was slow moving for me at first, and Roman’s repetitive “God’s blood,” is grating, but I am glad a stuck with it because overall I ended up enjoying the story and was rooting for the two protagonists to work it out.  Plus, “vampire sex” is done with mind control, not something physical, which added a unique element I haven’t found in other vampire romances.


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