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Veil of Night by Linda Howard

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Although not as sexy as Howard’s Mr. Perfect or Up Close and Dangerous, Veil of Night packs plenty of suspense and the characters are interesting enough that this makes for an entertaining read and enjoyable read.

Jaclyn Wilde and her mother own their own business called Premier, which plans all kind of events, but mostly weddings, in Atlanta and the surrounding area.  This is a busy week for Jaclyn and Madelyn. being overbooked with 6 weddings in 5 days.  Worst of all is Jaclyn’s appointment with Carrie Edwards, the mother of all bridezillas who won’t stop in her rudeness and demands until she gets her way.  When Jaclyn confronts Carrie and explains that it is too late to make some of the last minute changes she desires, Carrie slaps her across the face and fires her on the spot, in front of the florist and the other humiliated  vendors.

Jaclyn can’t be happier to have lost Carrie’s business, but her life is about to go into a tailspin when she learns that Carrie was murdered at the reception hall later that afternoon.  Police believe it was a very personal crime, not a random act of violence, since Carrie was literary skewered to death with her veil placed over her face.  Since the public argument with Carrie, they are looking at Jaclyn as their number one suspect

The leading detective on the case is none other than Eric Wilder, the cop she met at the bar the night before and had the most pleasure night of love making she has ever experienced.  Jaclyn is never one to lose control, so she is in hurt to learn that her one night stand doesn’t believe in her innocence.

Clearing the name is only half her problem, because the real killer is determined to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.  Eric will do anything to protect her, but how can she trust him with her life when she can’t even trust him with her heart?


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