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Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

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This absorbing story from Frost is the first in the Night Huntress series.  Cat Crawford is the product of the date rape her mother endured from a vampire, so she is half vampire, half human.  She has promised her mother she will hunt down vampires at night to eradicate the race that is the source of so much evil in the world, especially in Ohio.  She seduces vampires at night clubs only to stake them after she has lured them to her car.  On one such night, she encounters the wrong vampire, one who is wise to her game, but instead of killing her on the spot, he brings her back to his cave.

The sexy vampire with the Aussie accent who kidnapped her is named Bones and he has never seen her kind before.  Bones also hunts vampires as well, but ones with a bounty over their head.  He offers Cat a proposition: he will let her live if she agrees to continue hunting vampires, but only the ones he decides who she will be their prey.  Not having much choice in the matter, Cat reluctantly agrees.

But before she is ready to hunt, Bones trains her in the weaknesses of his kind and builds up her strength.  The training is grueling, and she is only able to recover when Bones force feeds her his blood.  The training also involves some dirty talk if she is going to be able to seduce vampires without blushing.  At last she is ready to hunt and with Bones as back up, successfully kills the first victim.

She soon learns that Bones is after a particularly evil sorts, a chap named Hennessy, who enslaves and kills vulnerable young women.  What is even more troubling is that he is working with someone who may be in the police force and who is destroying any traces that these have even died.  Cat has a change of heart about a certain vampire, despite what her mother has brainwashed her into believing, and finds Bones absolutely irresistible. As Cat and Bones close in on their target, she has to make a decision that will put not only her life, but her heart in jeopardy.

Loved, loved, loved Halfway to the Grave!  It was such a page-turner for me, and sexy love scenes and an action packed plot made it so much fun.  The book ended in a cliffhanger so readers who are hooked will want to start on the next book in the series, One Foot in the Grave.


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