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The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne

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Amy Wilde is a gardener who is socially awkward around men.  When her roommate and best friend decides to throw a party, Amy is determined to get over it. She meets Leo and something just clicks. She has no problem talking to this great guy. They start dating and everything is going well and then Amy finds out the truth. Leo is a Prince!

Amy adjusts to the idea that her boyfriend is a prince. And then he proposes and Amy is suddenly thrown into the world of the royals. There are so many rules and so many tabloid reports, Amy is overwhelmed. Plus she doesn’t want her parents in the spotlight because a scandal from the past could ruin the lives they have built. Now Amy is beginning to question if her love for Leo is enough to deal with this mad chaos.

I am a huge Hester Browne fan and The Runaway Princess did not disappoint! I totally recommend this book and her Little Lady Agency series!


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