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Storm Cycle by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

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Rachel Kirby has one mission in life. Find a cure for her sister’s fatal disease. With the help of her super computer, Jonsey, Rachel is always looking for a cure. One day going into the building that houses Jonesy, Rachel is shot at. The bullet grazes her temple and she gets a concussion. Not sure why she is a target, Rachel goes about her business. She receives a mysterious email from a man in Egypt. He is stuck in a tomb and needs help to get out. If Rachel helps him, he will help her safe her sister.

John Tanek is stuck in a tomb. John was sabotaged and needs help. He reaches out to Rachel Kirby with the promise to help her sister. He is trying to find out all he can on an Egyptian woman named Peseshat. She was a healer in ancient Egypt and John wants her information.

Rachel cannot resist the temptation to find out if John has the answers for the cure. She shows up with the rescue crew to save him. And then begins the adventure. Rachel and John aren’t the only ones who want Peseshat’s secrets. Now it is a race around the world to find the cure before it is to late for everyone.

I really enjoyed this book. I actually listened to the audio version and the narrator did an excellent job!


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