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Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

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Nothing new happens here in Evanovich’s nineteenth Stephanie Plum mystery, just the same mindless entertainment.

In Notorious Nineteen, Stephanie’s latest bounty is Jeffrey Cubbin, out on bail after swindling thousands from his employer and residents of Cranberry Manor.  He disappeared after being hospitalized for his appendix.  There is no record of him leaving on any of the hospital security cameras.  The evening nurse claims the last time she checked on him he was asleep.

Stephanie and Lula soon learn that Cubbin’s nurse moonlights at The Clinic, a luxury medical facility that seems mostly deserted except for the few cars that come and go.  Stephanie believes there is something going on here that has to do with Cubbin and talks Briggs from the hospital security into breaking in through the drop box (he is the only one small enough to fit).

Meanwhile, Stephanie has taken on a side gig with Ranger that involves providing security detail at his friend’s wedding.  Both Ranger and his former military buddy have been receiving threatening messages, and Ranger needs Stephanie to stick close to the bride.  No surprise that her car blows up a few times along the way.  Fortunately, Ranger is always close at hand with a replacement.

If it weren’t for Cluck-in-a-Bucket and Lula, I probably wouldn’t be reading this series anymore.  Those are the best elements that make this series still worth reading, but the whole Morelli and Ranger love triangle and the usual Stephanie antics are getting old.  I imagine many readers will feel the same way.


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