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The Playdate by Louise Millar

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Callie has a secret. She wants to tell her friend, Suzy, but she is scared. Suzy has a secret. Her husband wants nothing to do with her. Debs has a secret. A secret that could rock this London neighborhood. Callie is a single mom to Rae, and she wants to go back to work. But Rae has a heart condition and her ex doesn’t think Callie should leave Rae with strangers. Suzy is a mom of three boys and is desperate for a little girl but her husband barely touches her anymore. Debs has just moved into the neighborhood has a problem with anxiety. Any little thing could set her off.

Callie starts work and everything is going good until Rae has an accident when she is with Debs. And Callie is starting to realize that Suzy and her aren’t as good of friends as she thought. Now Callie doesn’t know who to trust especially when the unimaginable happens.

Each chapter of this book is told by the three different women, Callie, Suzy, and Debs. I wanted to like this book better than I did. In the end I didn’t really care for any of the women in the story.


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