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A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

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I picked up A Change of Fortune, because I had read a good review of it. However, I was disappointed by the story.

A Change of Fortune is an inspirational historical romance set in New York in the eighteen eighties. Lady Eliza Sumner has traveled from England to New York, in the hopes of recovering her stolen fortune. She has taken a post as a governess, and is hoping to find the man who had stolen her fortune and lied about her family.

Mr. Hamilton Beckett, is a widower, successful businessman and highly eligible bachelor to the women of New York. He is also investigating a man who seems to have insider knowledge of Beckett’s business. As it turns out, the man he is investigating and the man Lady Eliza is looking for are one and the same. Eliza ends up losing her job due to her investigation, and she ends up moving in with Hamilton. Hamilton’s mother immediately hopes to set Eliza up with her son, and Eliza bonds with Hamilton’s precocious children. However, Eliza believes that Hamilton isn’t interested in her, and he believes that she will return to London, as soon as her fortune is recovered.  Eventually, the mystery is solved, Eliza recovers her money, and two lovers realize they belong together and decide to get married.

On the surface, this seemed like an interesting plot, with interesting characters. However, I didn’t feel like the characters had much depth. The relationship between Eliza and Hamilton failed to captivate me, and I felt like many of the story twists were too obvious. Furthermore, because this is an inspirational romance, Eliza’s faith is mentioned sporadically, but I felt like the parts of the story that dealt with faith and belief were tacked on just to make this inspirational, not because it was an integral part of the story. Overall, I was let down by this book, and happy to pick up another one.


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