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Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

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Nate Weller has always had a thing for Ali Morgan. But she was off limits because she is his best friend and fellow Marine Grigg’s baby sister. Ten years after there first meeting, Grigg has been killed and Ali is being stalked. No longer a Marine, Nate now works for Black Knight Inc., a black ops organization, based in Chicago. They use a motorcycle shop as their front. Grigg also worked there at the time of his death.

Not sure what to do, Ali drives from Florida to Chicago to see Nate. Not getting a warm welcome, Ali nonetheless asks for help.Nate reluctantly¬†agrees to find out why a kindergarten teacher is being stalked. What they find out is that Grigg sent Ali something important and certain people will do anything to get it back.And as much as Nate wants Ali he still can’t have her. Because he is keeping a terrible secret about how her brother died.

This is the first book in the Black Knight Inc series and I am hooked. The premise did remind me of Tara Janzen’s Steele Street series but it is different enough that I wasn’t comparing the two.


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