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Nowhere to Run by Nancy Bush

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It took me way too long to read Nowhere to Run, which is a statement in itself about the book.  It is one of those mediocre stories that grabs you enough that you want to finish it, but I wasn’t dying to pick it up every day.  The writing is a bit awkward, and Bush throws in a distracting secondary story as a set up for the next book, Nowhere to Hide.  Also, the sex scenes were too mild for my taste.

In this offering, Liv Dugan receives a mysterious package shortly after her 25th birthday from her adoptive mother, who committed suicide when Liv was still a child.  Liv’s mother had apparently hired an attorney to deliver the package, which contains a note, some photos of people Liv has never met, and a copy of her birth certificate revealing the names of her birth parents.

Liv’s brother Hague, who is their parent’s biological son, cannot seem to tell her anything about the people in the photos other than that the man running towards the camera is a “zombie doctor.”  Hague suffers from a mental condition that puts him in fugue state everytime he gets agitated.

When Liv returns from her lunch break at Zuma Software company, the place is a bloodbath, as all her coworkers have been shot.  Liv is convinced that the person who caused this massacre was looking for her and is somehow connected to her past and the package.  She goes on the run and when the cops are right on her tail, takes an unsuspecting man, Auggie Rafferty, as hostage and forces him to drive her away.  Auggie may play the part of the innocent abductee, but he has secrets of his own that will comprise Liv’s trust.

Nancy Bush is the sister of bestselling romantic suspense author, Lisa Jackson.


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