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The Princess and the Peer by Tracy Anne Warren

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Princess Emmaline Whyte wants an adventure. In boarding school must of her life, her brother, Rupurt, has sent for her and has announced she is to be married. Married to someone she doesn’t know or love. So she does want any rational princess would do and runs away! She wants to experience London before she has to marry and is going to stay with a former teacher. But she is barely in London when she is robbed.

Dominic “Nick” Gregory, Lord Lyndhurst, witnesses the theft and tries to help. When they fail to catch the thieves, Nick insists on escorting Emma to her teacher. Nick is very taken with her and when they discover her teacher is out of the country, Nick offers to let her stay at his house with his aunt as chaperone  Emma isn’t sure but she wants her adventure and agrees. But she lets Nick think she is a governess and not a princess.

Soon a week turns into three and Emma is in love with Nick. But she knows she has to marry another for her country. After giving herself to him, she runs away back to her brother. Nick is devastated. He was going to propose and now Emma as disappeared without a trace. But when he comes face to face with her at a ball, Nick is furious. The governess he fell in love with is a princess. What other lies has she told? Emma is shocked to see Nick and tries to explain that she has to marry another. But Nick won’t give her up and will do anything to be with her.

This was my first book by Tracy Anne Warren and I have another author to add to my list of must reads! This is the first in the Princess Brides trilogy. The next one is Her Highness and the Highlander.


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