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Young Sherlock Holmes (series) by Andy Lane

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In Death Cloud, a young Sherlock is sent to live with relatives that he has never met while his brother works, his father goes off to battle, and his ailing mother rests. Soon Sherlock makes friends and is working to solve his first case. With the help of tutor Amyus Crowe, and his new best friend Matty, Sherlock manages to against all odds stay alive. The second book of the series, Rebel Fire, sees Sherlock travelling to America to retrieve a kidnapped Matty, and setting out to prove that Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth is alive.

Even with my only exposure to Sherlock Holmes being the 2009 film and the current BBC series, it was easy to see the formation of some of the character traits that Sherlock exhibits in his adult life. It was also interesting to see how had it not been for Sherlock’s American tutor, he may have never become the world’s first consulting detective. In the first installment we see where he gets his skills for detecting and logical thinking, and in the sequel we see Sherlock pick up a violin for the first time.

The first teen series endorsed by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate, there are expected to be at least three more books in the series. I for one cannot wait to pick up the next title.


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