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Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson

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Sadie Jo Hollowell is back in Lovett, Texas. Her cousin is getting married and she has been summoned home to be a bridesmaid. Her mom died when she was five and her dad didn’t quite know what to do with her. At eighteen, she left home for college and only came back periodically.  On her way back into town, Sadie sees a man stranded on the side of the road. Sadie ends up giving him a ride into town and daringly asks him to be her date to the wedding. His only response is he doesn’t have a suit.

Vince Haven has been out of Seals team for 5 years now. Not his choice and he is still trying to figure out his life. Lately he has realized he has a knack of buying property, fixing it up, and selling it. He is in Texas because his aunt has a proposition for him. What he didn’t expect to find was Sadie. Not one to owe anyone, Vince reluctantly shows up at the wedding. And boy is he glad he did. Sadie and Vince find themselves in a compromising position. One they both enjoyed.

Sadie is ready to get back to her life in Arizona but her dad ends up in the hospital after getting kicked by a horse. Now Sadie is sticking around to help. And so is Vince. His aunt wants him to buy her gas station. Vince does and starts a full remodel. Sadie and Vince become friends with benefits. But we all know how that goes. Sadie falls in love with Vince. But will Vince be able to get over his commitment issues to love her back?

This was not my favorite book by Rachel Gibson. I was disappointed. I never felt that Vince and Sadie were in love. Oh well. I can’t like them all! But I am a big fan of Rachel Gibson’s and I do recommend her books.


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