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Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

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Catherine Bailey has met the perfect man, Lee Brightman. He is gorgeous, kind, and her friends love him. Everything is going great until Lee shows his true self. At first it was subtle. Things would be moved around her house, he would suggest what to wear, and then he started getting possessive. When Cathy voiced her concerns to her friends they didn’t believe her. He had them all fooled. Even after he beat her and was arrested, no one really believed her.

Now four years later, Cathy has tried to start over. She has moved to London and has a job. But she also developed OCD. Even knowing Lee is in jail she still does her routines, like checking the door is locked six times or her living room curtains are parted just right. But then Stuart moves in above her. He recognizes that Cathy has OCD and he offers help. Reluctant at first, Cathy starts to take small steps to living again. But of course her happiness can’t last. Lee is released from prison and Cathy knows he will come for her. And when things start being moved around her apartment and Lee actual shows up for an interview at her work as someone else, this time Cathy is ready and not alone.

I really loved this book. At first I was confused because the chapters go back and forth between the past and present. But once I got the rhythm I couldn’t put this book down! I will definitely be reading more books by Elizabeth Haynes,.


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