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The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

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Owen Montgomery is the organizer and detail man of the Montgomery brothers. The Boonsboro Inn is ready to open on schedule in part to Owen’s organization. As busy as he is, Owen realizes something might be missing. And that something would be Avery McTavish.

Avery McTavish owns the local pizzeria. She has always been an honorary member of the Montgomery family but she is still nervous about proposing a new business idea to them.In part because she is starting to look at Owen in a new light. He was her first boyfriend at the age of 6 and she is considering him to be her boyfriend at age 29.

Things are going well between them except Avery cannot completely commit. Her mother left when Avery was 11 and she never really got over it. Now it is up to Owen to show Avery that he will be her last boyfriend.

This is the second book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. I liked the first one better and am excited for Ryder and Hope’s story in the conclusion.


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