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Killing Floor by Lee Child

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I can’t believe I have just read my first book in the Jack Reacher series this late in my life.  I should have been reading him ages ago.  Well, needless to say, I loved it.  Jack Reacher is an ex-military cop, total bad ass and a hero that readers will enjoy and will want to follow.

In this series opener, we don’t know a whole lot of background about Reacher other than he is pretty much a vagrant.  He gets off the bus in small town Margrave, Georgia to check out the home of old jazz musician Blind Blake.  While sitting in the dinner enjoying his breakfast, a slew of cops walk in and claim he is under arrest.  There was a murder up at the warehouse around midnight and one witness claims to have seen Reacher walk away from the seen.

Finlay, the new chief of detectives, isn’t buying his alibi, so Reacher will be in the county prison for the weekend with Paul Hubble, a local banker who’s phone number was found in the victim’s shoe who Finlay also brought in.  Fortunately, police officer Roscoe seemed to have a  soft spot for Reacher and will work the weekend to clear his name.

After surviving an attempt on his life and learning more about the case, he is too sucked in now to leave town, especially when there is a personal reason for him to stay.  Roscoe, Finlay, and Reacher join forces to stop the murder and corruption that has taken over this small idyllic town.


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