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Staying at Daisy’s by JIll Mansell

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Daisy MacLean has just learned her husband, Steven, was in a car accident. She learned he wasn’t alone in the car. Daisy learned that he was only 20 miles away when he should have been in another country all together. Daisy has learned her husband has died.

A year later, Daisy is still the hotel manager at her dad’s hotel and is doing good. Until she meets Dev Tyzack. Right from the start Daisy butts heads with Dev, the ex-rugby player. She knows it is because he is so good looking and is a womanizer. He reminds her of Steven. When her old boyfriend and good friend Josh comes back into town, Daisy decides Josh is the one for her. They start dating but soon Daisy realizes she is only with Josh because he is safe. But will it be to late for Daisy and Dev?

Then we have Tara, the chambermaid. She has discovered her ex-boyfriend is getting married at the hotel.  They end up in a compromising situation and Tara takes the fall. Next we have Barney, the new porter, who also happens to be the recipient of a new kidney from Steven. Then there is Mel, who is the other woman. She visits Steven’s grave every week and has a secret. And lastly is Hector and Maggie. Hector is Daisy’s dad and Maggie is Tara’s aunt. They have an interesting arrangement.

I love Jill Mansell books! You have the main characters but it is the secondary characters who really add to the stories. If you haven’t read a Jill Mansell book yet, what are you waiting for?!


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