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Kisscut by Karin Slaughter

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I love Karin Slaughter, and it really takes a lot to offend me, but the subject of this second offering in her Sara Linton series was just too uncomfortable, even more me!

Country coroner and pediatrician Sara Linton and small town Georgian police chief Jeffrey Tolliver are still trying to figure out their relationship.  They don’t know if they want to get married again, but there still seems to be an attraction there.  On a date at the local skating rink, Jeffrey walks out to a scene of teenager and one of Sara’s patients at the clinic, Jenny Weaver, holding a gun out to a teenager boy, threatening to shoot.  Considering the safety of everyone else, Jeffrey is left with no choice but to take the girl down himself since she won’t relinquish the gun.  It comes as no surprise that shooting a person, especially a kid, will eat away at Jeffrey through out the novel.

Jenny’s motive for wanting the boy dead is only a small piece of this perplexing crime.  Just moments earlier, she had walked out of the restroom with blood on her shirt.  Sara found pieces of a dead new baby she tried to flush down the toilet. The more they dig, the more twisted this case becomes, and it even hits close to home to one of their own, officer Lena Adams.  It is important to read the first book in this series, Blindsighted; otherwise readers will have a hard time understanding how this case relates to Lena.

I don’t want to give too much away, but let me warn you the case that Sara and Jeffrey are working on centers around a child pornography ring as well as incest between a son and his mother.  If you can handle that kind of graphic detail, then you will appreciate the complicated mystery Slaughter crafts.  However, if you are like me and can’t handle this, you may want to skip this entry and move on to the third book in this series,  A Faint Cold Fear.


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