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To Pleasure a Lady by Nicole Jordan

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Lord Marcus Danvers has inherited three wards. They are sisters and they range in ages 19-24. His plan is to marry them off. But that was before he met the oldest sister, Arabella. He wants her and for the first time is considering marriage.

Arabella Loring just wants her and her sisters independence. They have been running a finishing school for girls for the past couple of years. And are just trying to live quiet lives after the scandal their mother created when she ran off to France with another man. Not that their father was any better. He always had mistresses. When he died, they became wards to their step-uncle.

But Arabella wasn’t expecting Marcus. He makes her feel things she rather wish she didn’t. After the scandal broke four years ago, her betrothed broke off their engagement and her heart. Marcus decides to make a wager with Arabella. He has two weeks to get her to agree to marriage or he will give them their independence. Arabella is positive she can resist him. But she has never met a rake like Marcus before!

This is the first book in the Courtship Wars series and I loved it. I loved all the characters and cannot wait to read the sisters stories!


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