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A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

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Arizona Storm has had a rough life. Sold at the age of 17 by her father to human traffickers, Arizona had to save herself. Now 21, Arizona does what she can to stop them. During one of her stakeouts she meets Spencer Lark. Spencer is a bounty hunter and also as a score to settle with the human traffickers.

Spencer is drawn to Arizona but knows she is off limits. But Arizona wants to be partners and Spencer can’t resist. Together they will take down human traffickers. But Arizona also wants Spencer to help her move on with her life. He agrees to help but didn’t expect to want her so much.

With the help of Jackson (Savor the Danger), Dare (When You Dare) and Trace (Trace of Fever), they will take down the traffickers. And along the way Arizona can finally heal with Spencer.

This was the fourth book in Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series and I liked it. I enjoyed the other three more but this was is definitely worth reading .


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