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The Vampire Next Door by Ashlyn Chase

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Morgaine is the witch on the third floor. Sly is the vampire in the basement. Who would have thought they would be attracted to each? Merry did. When anyone moves into her old apartment they seem to find love. And Sly has moved from the basement into Merry’s apartment.

Sly has heard of a vampire cure. With the help of Morgaine and her cousin Gwyneth , they are on a mission to find the cure. But before that can happen, Sly’s sire is back and wants Sly for himself. Sly has only met him once and that was the night he was turned. He attacked Sly and his wife who was pregnant. He turned Sly but his wife died after giving birth. Sly had to give is baby up because he was a vampire now. Sly has another reason to hate him. He has kidnapped Morgaine.

With the obstacles ahead of them will Sly and Morgaine find there happy ever after? Is there really a vampire cure? And will Gwyneth stop being so annoying?

This was the third book in the Strange Neighbors series. It was my least favorite. I think Gwyneth was just too annoying and in the book too much. But I enjoyed the other two books very much. Be on the lookout for Ashlyn’s next series Flirting with Fangs!


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