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Vanity, Vengeance and a Weekend in Vegas by Kyra Davis

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Sophie Katz has just been told her live-in boyfriend, Anatoly is married. She is stunned and heartbroken. They have know each other six years and she never knew. Apparently it was a green card wedding and the bride is the daughter of a Russian mob boss. Sophie kicks Anatoly out and cries her eyes out.

Dena, Sophie’s best friend, convinces her to come to Vegas for the sex toy convention. Joined by their other friend Marcus, Sophie is determined to forget about Anatoly. But that turns out to be harder than she thought because he turns up in Vegas with a blond on his arm. Sophie is furious. She finds his hotel room but when she arrives the door is open and Anatoly is no where to be found. But the blond is found in the closet with a bullet hole between her eyes.

Now Sophie has to put her feelings aside and find Anatoly. What she finds is Anatoly’s wife, a mysterious man who can make it look like Sophie is the murderer, her crazy sister, and an octopus. With the help of her friends, Sophie will solve this mystery and maybe forgive her man.

This is the sixth book in the Sophie Katz series and it just as great as the first and all in between! Unfortunately, Vanity, Vengeance and a Weekend in Vegas is only available in e-book format. But if you have an e-reader, I definitely recommend buying this e-book!


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