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Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

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Picoult’s last few books have really gone down hill for me, and Lone Wolf is another example. As in her previous books, the chapters alternate between first person narration of the different characters, there is a legal component with courtroom drama, and her denouement is her typical signature twist.

This time her story revolves around a family torn apart and now reuniting under dire circumstances in the midst of emotional turmoil. Seventeen year old Cara Warren called father Luke one night to pick her up at a party where she was drinking. The return trip home resulted in a terrible car accident that left Cara with a broken shoulder, and Luke with irreparable brain injury.

Georige, Luke’s ex-wife, calls her son Edward with the news, and he immediately returns home after spending six years in Thailand, where he fled to after coming out to his father. Now a decision needs to be made about their father: do they continue life support or let him go? Edward believes his father would not want to live this way and Cara refuses to give up on the man who has always been larger than life in her eyes.

When the chapters alternate to Luke’s perspective, he talks about the two years he left his family to live with the wolves and integrate himself as part of a pack. When he returned, he never was the same. Readers may find some of these stories difficult to buy and will cringe hearing about a person who chooses to eat raw meat and live in the wilderness.

This story was interesting enough, but not up to the caliber of her previous works. Only die-hard Picoult fans should bother. New readers should start with other works that really showcase her talent, such as My Sister’s Keeper or Handle With Care.


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