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Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase

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Merry Mackenzie is free. She is finally moving out of her father’s house in Rhode Island to an apartment in Boston. Now she just has to get her dad and brother to leave her apartment before they embarrass her in front of her hot landlord, Jason Falco. But her first night there she is attacked outside the building but soon rescued by her fellow neighbors, Konrad and Sly. There is something different about them. They seem to move really fast and seem super strong. Merry passes it off as being shaken up.

Jason Falco is an all star pitcher. It is the off season and he just wants to be anonymous. What he didn’t expect to find was his mate. Jason is a shifter and they mate for life and it is looking like Merry is the one. But before he can do any wooing, he has to deal with a ghost in the apartment building. And his pesky aunt. And his witch neighbors. And the nosy journalist snooping around.

I really enjoyed Strange Neighbors. The characters were fun and quirky and the sex scenes were steamy! I will definitely be picking up the next book, The Werewolf Upstairs.


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