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Sleepwalker by Karen Robards

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This latest from prolific Robards (Justice, Shattered) is another easy, fast paced, sexy read. Robards books are not in a series so picking up any of her back list titles is a safe bet. Robards would also be a good pick for both veteran and new readers of romantic suspense.

It is New Year’s eve and the day after Detroit cop Mick Lange split with her boyfriend. While house sitting at her “Uncle” Nicco’s sprawling mansion, she finds herself waking up downstairs, sleeping walking again after suffering a terrible nightmare. On her way back to her bedroom, she hears a noise and soon learns that her Uncle’s safe his being robbed by two masked men. During the scuffle in trying to stop them, incriminating photos of Nicco clearly involved in the murder of a man and his family fall out of the safe.

When they hear Nicco’s security men approaching, the thieves split up, and Jason’s forces Mick to come with him, hoping having a hostage will increase his chance of escape. Now Mick and Jason are on the lam, being pursued by her Uncle’s thugs. After seeing those photos, Mick knows that Nicco will order his goons to kill her, even though she is almost blood. As a cop, the right thing to do and the safest for them both is to convince Jason to let her arrest him, but he is not relenting any time soon and won’t let go of the suitcase of money.

Jason at the very least will to everything he can to keep her safe from Nicco’s men, and Mick falls for the sexy thief when he might be the only one she can now trust. But will justice and the law be comprised by the passion in Mick’s heart?


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