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Silent Killer by Beverly Barton

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For the first time I experienced not finishing an eBook prior to the due date and had it disappear on me. I am so peeved since I was all up in my book. I will check out Silent Killer again to finish it, but I was pretty far along, so I can tell you what I thought of this so far.

Cathy Cantrell has returned to her small Alabama town after spending a year in a mental rehabilitation center following the death of her husband. Mark Cantrell was a preacher who, when he answered his door, was doused with an accelerant and lit on fire. Cathy is finally feeling mentally strong after this substantial lost and hopes to gain back custody of her sixteen year-old son, Seth.

Also back in town is Jack Perdue, a former military man and Cathy’s first love. After being injured in the service, he has returned as the new deputy sheriff whose first first assignment is reviewing the county’s cold cases. As he starts investigating Mark’s unsolved murder, other reverends in the area are murdered in the same manner as Mark, making him suspect that killer has a personal vendetta with men of cloth.

All the murdered victims seem to be honorable, upstanding citizens with no enemies, but as Jack starts digging into their past, he uncovers something much more sinister. Cathy and Jack must work together to solve Mark’s murder and stop the killer before another preacher falls prey to a killer who has taken on the role of God.

I haven’t been disappointed in a Barton book yet, and this one was just as satisfying. Barton is adept at balancing page-turning suspense and romance to make readers so engrossed in the story, they don’t pay attention to the due date! The talented Barton passed away this year, so I am sad that we won’t get any new material from her. Fortunately, she is a prolific author with plenty of back list offerings.


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