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The Next Always by Nora Roberts

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Beckett Montgomery has been in love with Clare Murphy since he was sixteen. But she was in love with another and moved away. But when her husband was killed in action, Clare moved back home with two sons and one on the away. Now six years later, Clare Murphy Brewster has a bookstore and three sons and Beckett is still in love.

Inn Boonsboro is being restored by Beckett, his two brothers, Owen and Ryder, and their mom, Justine. Every room will be named after literary characters with a happy ending. For example Elizabeth and Darcy, Buttercup and Westley, and Eve and Roarke. Beckett is proud of what they are accomplishing but he is still wants Clare. He has finally decided to make his move. But it is hard to schedule a date with three kids and a business.

They find an opening and have a great time. But there is someone else out there who wants Clare. And he isn’t taking no for an answer. As their relationship grows so does the menace of the other man who wants her. Will Clare and Beckett find there happy ending?

The Next Always is the first book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. And if the other two are anything like this one, it will be another winner for Nora Roberts!


One thought on “The Next Always by Nora Roberts

  1. I loved reading about the relationships between Beckett, his brothers and his mom. Their scenes together made me laugh and smile a lot. I liked all three brothers and I'm excited to read Owen and Ryder's story. Owen's will be next and it's already clear with whom he will get together.

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