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The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

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Gaby is getting married. It has been three years since her beloved husband has died and Gaby is ready. The only problem is no one knows who she is marrying including the groom! Three men have asked for her hand and she decided that on Christmas day she will have her wedding and let the groom know then. Gaby is confident in her decision and knows that the other two men will understand.

Her four kids are just as curious but they also have there own lives to worry about. Lizzie’s husband Mike has cancer. Emily is trying to make partner at her law firm. Claire is thinking about leaving her husband, and Seth is trying to sell his novel. But with all their issues, they will do anything for Gaby including showing up for a Christmas wedding that doesn’t have a groom!

I really enjoyed this book. It is a fast read and it is wonderful to see a family stick by each other and love each other so much. If you are in the mood for Christmas, I definitely recommend The Christmas Wedding!


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