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The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

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Bestselling author Sparks follows his usual formula of love and tragedy in his newest book, The Best of Me. Fans of Spark will know what to except, but newcomers might be disappointed if they are looking for a feel good ending.

Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole (not Leery, although there is a creek) have your typical Romeo and Juliet love affair. They meet in high school in Oriental, North Carolina, where Amanda comes from a well-to-do family while Dawson, on the other hand, comes from a family who has a long history of violence, drugs, and prison. Dawson is unlike the other Coles, and despite threats from his family, he goes out on his own by moving in with Tuck, a local man who owns the garage where Dawson works.

Neither family approves of their relationship, and Amanda’s parents refuse to send her to college unless she ends her romance with Dawson. Although it tears him apart, he makes the selfless decision to let Amanda go.

Fast forward twenty years, and Amanda is a married woman with three children. Dawson never loved another woman again and now works on oil rig off the Gulf Coast. Tuck has just passed away, and Dawson and Amanda are going to be reunited again when they are asked to follow through with the instructions of Tuck’s will.


One thought on “The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

  1. Although I am a young reader who absolutely loves Nicholas Sparks books, The Best of Me touched me in a way like no other has. I sincerely recommend this wonderful love story! I learned a great deal from it, and I hope that so may you.

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