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Inside by Brenda Novak

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Inside, the first in the Bulletproof Trilogy, was just OKAY. There weren’t a lot of twist and turns, but a focus on prison gangs made for a compelling read nonetheless.

Peyton Adams, Chief Deputy Warden of Pelican Bay, has made her concerns known, but the director of the California Corrections and Rehabilitation, Rick Wallace, will put Virgil Skinner’s life in danger to get what he wants whether she approves or not.

Skinner, an ex-con who was exonerated after being incarcerated for fourteen years for the murder of his stepfather, made a deal with the Feds that he would go undercover to get the proof Wallace needs to convict the Hells Fury gang for ordering a hit on Judge Garcia. In return, the Feds will protect his sister and her two kids from his ex-gang, The Crew. Peyton knows that putting Skinner inside is a huge risk, and she will do whatever it takes to protect a man that she knows is dangerous, but that she just can’t resist.

I didn’t know a lot about prison gangs beforehand, so I felt that this made for a refreshing read, and the romantic elements between Skinner and Peyton helped to propel the story. Fans of the television series Prison Break will definitely like this one.


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