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Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

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Senator Reece Sheridan never expected to meet a woman like Kara McMillan. He is interested from the start even though she is a investigative journalist. Kara doesn’t want to get her heart broken again. The last time was by her son Connor’s father, who has nothing to do with them. Reluctantly Kara agrees to go on a date with Reece. She is surprised how much she enjoyed herself and wary of the feelings she is developing.

On the work front, Kara has been contacted by a whistle blower. The person has evidence of the company they work for is dumping toxic materials into drinking water. Kara follows the leads and finds disturbing results. One of those results is leading her right to Reece’s door. Is he involved? One thing is for sure, Kara is making people angry. Angry enough to kill.

The I Team series is a great romantic suspense series. Extreme Exposure is book number one.


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