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Prey by Linda Howard

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Angie Powell has lost. She has to sell her home and business and it is all Dare Callahan’s fault. If he hadn’t come back two years ago and opened his own wilderness business Angie wouldn’t be in this mess. But he did and it doesn’t help that everytime she sees him she gets butterflies. She has one last job to do and then she will worry. A repeat client, Chad Krugman, is bringing a business associate, Mitchell Davis, who wants to hunt a bear. Being terrified of bears doesn’t help Angie but she needs the money.

Dare Callahan has a week off. But Harlan, a friend of Angie’s and Dare’s, has an uneasy feeling about Angie going into the woods with two strange men. So Dare reluctantly agrees to be in the same area as Angie and check up on her. After a day of fishing, Dare returns to his camp. While getting ready for the night Dare hears gunshots coming from Angie’s camp. Dare gets his horse and takes off.

Angie is trying to sleep when she hears Chad and Mitchell arguing. As she goes to investigate a storm arrives. As she nears Chad and Mitchell, she watches as Chad shoots Mitchell and then turns the gun on her. She manages to get out of the way but knows she needs to get away. Before she can a black bear appears and attacks Mitchell’s body. Chad runs off with the horses and Angie manages to get away before the bear scents her.

Now on the run from Chad and bear and in a terrifying storm, Angie must get to safety. Before she can Angie gets injured. Thinking she is all alone she is relieved when Dare finds her. Dare takes her back to his camp and they wait out the storm and plan how to get to safety since Chad and the bear aren’t accounted for yet. Being stuck together, Dare and Angie will either work out their feelings for each other or kill each other. And before they get to safety there will be a final showdown between them, Chad and the bear.

Another fantastic book by Linda Howard. I love how she told the story from the point of view of everyone including the bear! I just wish Linda would write more than a book a year!!


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