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Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson

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The first in Jackson’s New Orleans series, Hot Blooded has just the right amount of hot sex scenes and complex plot threads to keep you on your toes. After returning from a disastrous Mexican holiday with ex-boyfriend David, Samantha, a.k.a “Dr. Sam,” arrives home to find a sinister message on her machine and a publicity shot of her with the eyes blacked out in the mail.

The threats intensify when “John” calls into Sam’s radio program, Midnight Confessions, informing her she will soon pay for her sins. To make matters worst, a second caller claims to be Annie Seger, a young girl who committed suicide nine years earlier. Annie was a scared, pregnant teenager who repeatedly called into Sam’s show and who Sam couldn’t convince to seek help for her problems before it was too late.

New, sexy neighbor Ty Wheeler is keeping an eye on Sam during the turmoil. He claims to be a struggling novelist, but harbors secrets that may just be related to Annie’s suicide. Meanwhile, Rick Bentz, the detective who is looking into Sam’s threats, is also investigating a string of murders involving prostitutes who are positioned in a praying position after death. Could these killings, which obviously have a religious tone, be connected to Dr. Sam’s case?

This fast-paced story makes Jackson a good choice for fans of Karen Robards and Erica Spindler. I can’t wait to read Cold Blooded, the next one in the series!


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