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Nothing to Fear by Karen Rose

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While Dana Dupinsky, who runs a shelter for abused women and children in Chicago, waits to pick up her new clients, Jane Doe and son Erik, at the bus terminal, she is clonked in the head by a mugger trying to run away with an elderly woman’s purse. To the rescue is Ethan Buchanan, who is at the station watching security tapes in hopes of locating someone a woman on the lam.

After ensuring she is okay, Ethan makes a date to meet Dana for breakfast, wanting to learn more about the woman who he clearly desires. Ethan tells Dana he is a P.I. working on a custody case in which a mother ran away with her son. What he can’t reveal is that he is looking for his godson, who was kidnapped by a woman who has already proved she is not to be messed with and has directly said that no cops are to be involved.

Dana has a secret of her own and can’t tell Ethan the truth about her involvement with the Hanover House without putting her clients at risk. Their two secret lives converge when Ethan discovers that Dana has been harboring Alec and his abductor at her shelter this entire time.

I read a lot of suspense and the villain is usually a male, so having such a sick and psychotic killer be a woman was a refreshing change. The the way the attraction played out between Ethan and Dana seemed a little cheesy at first, but became more acceptable as the story progressed. Although not my favorite of Roses’s, this was an entertaining read.


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