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The Sixes by Kate White

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I know this isn’t really an articulate assessment, but Kate White’s new standalone book was really, really good! In style similar to her Bailey Weggins series, the first person narration leaves the reader in the dark about a lot of things, just like the main character, which adds to the mystery and makes for a page-turning story.

In The Sixes, after battling plagiarism accusations, journalist and celebrity writer Phoebe Hall leaves Manhattan to teach a semester of journalism at Lyle College, located in a sleepy Pennsylvania town. She was offered the job by Glenda Johns, the university president who knew Phoebe from their days in boarding school.

After just a few weeks, student Lily Mack goes missing and her body eventually washes up in the river near town. A rumor circulates that Lily was part of a secret society on campus known as “The Sixes.” Relying on her stellar research skills, Glenda asks Phoebe to covertly find out if The Sixes exist. While on her mission, Phoebe develops a romantic relationship with psych professor Duncan Shaw, a widower whose wife was sick with cancer but died prematurely by drowning in the tub.

When she starts to probe too deep, threatening messages are left at her house, suggesting the work of The Sixes. However, Phoebe discovers that another student went missing a year earlier and was never heard from again. Could this be a work of a serial killer, a girls’ group gone to the extreme, or someone from Lyle’s very own administration?


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