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Breaking Point by Pamela Clare

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I am not going to lie. I initially picked up this book because the man on the cover was HOT. But I am glad I picked it up. I really loved this book. And then I found out it is part of a series called the I-team. And that made me happy.

Zach McBride is a US Marshall who has been captured by a drug cartel called the Zetas. He has been tortured for six days when he hears her voice. A woman is put in the cell next to him and they start talking to each other. It gives Zach the will to keep fighting.

Natalie Benoit cannot believe what has happened. A journalist from Colorado she was in Mexico for a conference when her bus was attacked and she was kidnapped. Not sure what they want but knowing it isn’t good she finds herself thrown into a cell. Having survived Hurricane Katrina and the death of her family, Natalie will fight with everything she has to escape this hell. But she realizes she isn’t alone and together her and Zach plot their escape.

Miracles occur and Zach and Natalie escape the Zetas. But now they have to get out of Mexico and cross the border which means goes through forty miles of desert. Zach being an ex-military has the training to get them home alive. But once they make it back the threat isn’t over. Natalie wasn’t just a random kidnapping victim. And now the danger is at her doorstep. Thinking she would never see Zach again, he shows up to protect her. And together they will find the person threatening her.


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