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Love You to Death by Shannon Butcher

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This is the first Shannon Butcher book for me, and I would not hesitate to read another one of her romantic suspense novels; she also writes paranormal romance and is wife to Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files series.

In Love You to Death, Elise McBride takes the first plane from a reporting assignment in Hong Kong to Haven, Illinois, where her younger sister Ashley lives. It is unlike Ashley to not call several days, and Elise is panicked that something terrible has happened. Her fears are confirmed when she finds Ashley’s house deserted and she almost gets arrested when Ashley’s neighbor, Trent Brady, sees someone creeping around her house.

After Elise explains who she is and what she is doing, Trent realizes the danger Elise will face by asking questions around Sally’s, a seedy town bar, and won’t let her out of his sight. Trent, an ex-cop from the Chicago P.D., has his own demons to battle. He quit the force after killing a kid and shooting his partner in the process, but he can’t resist the cop instincts in him that feels the need to protect Elise. As other women’s body parts turn up, revealing a sinister serial killer is in the works, Trent and Elise are in a race against against time to find Ashley before it is too late.

I have nothing bad to say about this book because it was such a satisfying read in all respects. Plenty of steamy love-making throughout, a make your skin crawl antagonist, and page turning suspense make Butcher an author worth picking up again.


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