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Bait by Karen Robards

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While in her hotel room trying to fall asleep, advertising exec Maddie Fitzgerald realizes that someone is in the room with her. She was able to escape before almost being shot. She knows it is him coming back to take care of what he didn’t finish.

Despite almost dying, Maddie’s main concern is her presentation with a potential million dollar account that would save her failing agency, but pesky federal agent Sam McCabe just won’t let her be. It turns out another woman with the same name was murdered in the same hotel last night, but the last thing Maddie needs is for the killer to see the feds are involved, which will only put her at risk. What Maddie doesn’t know is that there have been a string of killings throughout the country with a similar M.O., and Maddie being the only survivor is key to solving the case.

After nearly missing a sniper shot, Maddie finally relents and allows Sam and fellow agents, Wynne and Gardner, to stand guard. While staying in her apartment on the night shift, Maddie can’t help but notice as irritating as he is, Sam is sexy if you like that muscular type with dimples that will make you melt type, even if he is a fed. By working together so closely, it is no surprise that they fall, and fall hard, for each other. But will Maddie’s past destroy what they have started?

Robards is a master at making your palms sweat and needing to take a cold shower all at the same time. If you like Linda Howard, Karen Robards will be an easy transition. Her books are not part of a series, so you can pick up any one.


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