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In Silence by Erica Spindler

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Avery Chauvin is brought back to the small town of Cypress Springs, LA, the town she couldn’t wait to leave after high school, upon her father’s untimely death. The chief of police and longtime family friend Buddy Stevens thoroughly investigated his death and assures Avery that it is not surprising that given his depression her father committed suicide. Avery can’t let go of the idea that her father, a physician who valued life, would resort to death by lighting himself on fire.

The support offered by the close-knit community, including that of high school boyfriend Matt Stevens and his sister Cherry, has really made Avery feel at home. The only one not offering her comfort is Hunter Stevens, Matt’s twin brother, who once had also vied for her affections and now has become and outcast to himself from his family, Avery, and the rest of town.

When Avery happens upon a box of newspaper clippings relating to an old murder, one that shook this idyllic town to the core, among her fathers things and no one is giving her answers that make any sense, Avery questions the nicety of the small town she once called home. She discovers that a vigilante group called “The Severn” formed to keep things in order and rid Cypress Springs of social ills, which including taking the law into their own hands. What was her father’s involvement, and did it contribute to his death?

In this early romantic suspense novel from Spindler, there is a great twist near the end but it will take some commitment from the reader to get there. I liked this book, but felt that her talent has really shined in more recent offerings.


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