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When You Dare by Lori Foster

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Dare Macintosh is a mercenary. He has been asked by his best friend, Trace, to rescue his sister, Alani, from slave traders in Mexico. Once there he notices one of the women is held apart and she has been beaten. After he rescues the women and and sees to Alani, Dare focuses on the woman.

Molly Alexander is a best selling author who has been kidnapped outside her home in Ohio. After being held for nine days and beaten and starved, Molly is glad to see Dare. She hires him to protect her until she can figure out who kidnapped her and why. Was it a disgruntled reader? Or her father’s shady dealings gone wrong? Or her ex-fiance out for revenge for being dumped?
With steamy interactions between Dare and Molly and a surprise ending, When You Dare is a romantic suspense novel that must be read! Trace of Fever is the next book in the series.

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