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Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

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Smokin’ Seventeen was smokin’ awesome! I promise you will not only laugh out loud but also crave fried chicken and doughnuts by the end.

In this latest Stephanie Plum adventure, with the bond office burnt to the ground, cousin Vinnie, Connie, Lula, and Stephanie are operating out of a mobile home that is parked in front of their former building. A shallow grave with a hand sticking out of the dirt that belongs to the Burg titty bar owner is discovered on the vacant lot of the bond office. Stephanie’s boyfriend and cop, Joe Morelli, is on the case.

Meanwhile, it is no surprise that shenanigans abound when Lula and Stephanie have two crazy FTAs they are after: one who thinks he is a vampire (fortunately his fangs are dentures) and the other who answers his door naked with his flag at half mass. If that isn’t enough, her mother is trying to set her up with a former high school football player who is back in town and more bodies turn up at the bond office that suggest the killings are personal. Who is the killer and what is his gripe with Stephanie and her cousin’s business?

Oh, Janet, your books are so much fun! There is nothing else that even compares. Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait a year to see what happens after cliffhanger ending in this one because Explosive Eighteen is scheduled for a November release date.


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