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Cold Truth by Mariah Stewart

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In Cold Truth, the first in another suspenseful series by Mariah Stewart, Cass Burke is now the only detective in Bowers Inlet who is working the case of a women left near a marsh. She was rapped, strangulated, and posed with her hair fanned out for someone to find. This is the first in a rash of murders happening along the small, vacation towns of the New Jersey Shore.

Meanwhile, the FBI receives a phone call from Regan Landry, the recently deceased crime fiction writer’s daughter, who had discovered a series of letters sent to her father from someone who claimed to be the Bayside Strangler. The Strangler was attributed to the murder of several women over 20 years ago but was never captured.

Because these taunting letters are very similar to ones that the Bowers Inlet captain received after the killings in his jurisdiction, they send agent Rick Cisco to assist in Bower Inlet while another agent is sent to Regan’s to review what she discovered. As the body counts pile up, Agent Cisco questions whether the murder of Cass’s whole family from all those years ago could be connected to these current killings by a man with a very similar M.O.

This is another quick, entertaining read from Stewart. I have yet to be disappointed by one of her books. If you like romantic suspense, you are sure to enjoy the books of this solid genre author.


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