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If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) by Betty White


If you’ve watched even a little bit of television lately, you cannot fail to have seen Betty White. She appears regularly on the show Hot in Cleveland, recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and takes a dive into the mud (well, at least her stunt double does) on a hilarious Snickers commercial. Her most recent book is a collection of observations and remembrances on a variety of topics (including aging, her work for animal welfare, and her career in Hollywood) drawn primarily from the last 15 years.

This book is a quick read, divided into chapters of just a few pages each. Some are poignant, many are humorous, and there are a few surprises thrown into the mix. For example, who knew that Betty has a long-standing crush on Robert Redford or that she has an entire room in each of her two homes devoted to her stuffed animal collection?

Throughout it all, her deep love for her late husband, game show host Allen Ludden, and her passion for animals shine through. Her reflections on encounters with Koko, a gorilla trained in sign language, and with Beethoven, a beluga whale at the Atlanta aquarium, are terrifically engaging.

There’s nothing terribly profound here, but you couldn’t do better than this for a light, breezy read that (like a Snickers bar) really satisfies.


2 thoughts on “If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) by Betty White

  1. Is this going to be available as an ebook through MyMediaMall?

  2. If you Ask Me by Betty White recently became available as a Library lending eBook for us to purchase and has been added to the MyMediaMall collection. To checkout or place this item on hold, go to, sign-in, and search for the title.

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