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Deadly Vows by Brenda Joyce

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After waiting 5 years for this book to come out, it was worth the wait. Francesca Cahill is finally marrying the man she loves, Calder Hart. But nothing every goes smoothly for Francesca. The morning of her wedding, she receives a note to come to a gallery for a private viewing. Immediately Francesca knows it is the painting of her that was stolen. She has time before the wedding and figures she will make it to the church with a hour to spare. She was wrong. When she arrives at the gallery, she sees her nude painting. Trying to get it off the wall is impossible. And then she hears a noise. Someone has locked her in.

By the time Francesca gets out, the church is empty. Calder assumes he has been jilted. Never believing he was good enough for Francesca he freezes her out when she tries to explain what happened. Now more determined then ever to find the painting and the thief, Francesca will use all her resources; Joel, her young sidekick, Bragg, the police commisioner and even Hart. And more than anything she will make Hart understand that she loves him and will do anything to marry him.

The Deadly series featuring Francesca Cahill is amazing. I love this series. It is 1902 and Francesca has discovered she has a knack for sluething. Discovering the love of her life and solving crimes is what this series is all about! I highly recommend it!


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