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Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford

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Starting where he left off in Jane Bites Back, Ford brings us back to current day Brakesville, New York where Jane Austen (yes, that Jane Austen), who now goes by Jane Fairfax, is undead, well, and still owns the bookstore. Despite the recent success of her first (as far as anyone knows) novel, Constance, life couldn’t be any more complicated and chaotic.

For starters, her boyfriend’s mother and snippy three-legged Chihuahua are coming to town to meet Jane for the first time and already dislike her because she isn’t Jewish. Walter’s little lie that she is converting will hopefully help, but that opens up a new can of worms.

In addition, Jane can barely go home with Beverly Shrop’s bus tour invading the privacy of local authors that not only includes Jane, but also Tavish Osborn (who is really Lord Byron). What’s more is a film crew is in town shooting scenes for the movie version of Constance, and Jane’s editor won’t cut her any slack about the overdue deadline of her next book, the book in which is hasn’t even finished a chapter yet. How long will Jane be able to juggle keeping her secrets hidden before it destroys her relationship with Walter and her career? Does Miriam, Walter’s mother, know the truth about Jane, and if so, will she destroy her?

Okay, I understand this novel doesn’t sound like it would be everyone’s cup of tea, but it really is very enjoyable, and I would be surprised to learn of anyone who doesn’t love this lighthearted series. Ford makes Jane so relatable that it is not hard to imagine her living in present day as a vampire. There is a third book in the works, Jane Vows Vengeance, but we don’t have a publication date yet. I sure hope it won’t be long!


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