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Obsession by Karen Robards

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When Katharine Lawrence awakes in the hospital, the last thing she remembers is trying to escape out her back door after the intruders who shot her best friend, Lisa, had tied them up and demanded the location of the safe, a safe she knows nothing about. At her bedside is Dan, her next door neighbor, who heard her screams the night before. Katharine knows that she knows Dan, but can’t remember how.

Ed, the owner of her town home and a CIA operative who not only is Katharine’s boss, but also her boyfriend, is furious about the intruders and is sending two of his men to guard her. Katharine feels that she can’t trust Ed, escapes out of the hospital in the nick of time, and runs into Dan again. Katharine eventually agrees to allow Dan to take her to his cabin to hide out for a while.

Even though Katharine realizes who she is, nothing feels quite right. Ever since the attack, when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t even recognize the face that is staring back at her. When pieces of her memory come back in and out, she has to question if Dan really is who he says he is. She will have to tread carefully and suspect everyone because if she doesn’t she might just end up dead.

Katharine is mostly confused and unsure of herself throughout this novel but relies on her gut to help guide her. After understanding how confusing things are for Katharine, imagine what it was like for the reader. Not knowing entirely what was going on, though, added to the surprise and suspense. Karen Robard’s Obsession is fast-paced and loaded with many twists and turns. I would definitely read another one of her books.


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